Ata is a well-known name in the Iranian food industry who, over the years of serving the dear people of Iran, has been able to gain the trust of customers. Ata tomato paste is one of the completely organic and healthy products of Ata brand, which is obtained from concentrated purified tomato juice. Unlike many other brands, ATA tomato paste does not contain any additives, making it the best choice for those who care about themselves and their families and are trying to avoid additives and carcinogens. It is interesting to know that no additive color is used to prepare Ata tomato paste, and the red color that you see is obtained only from the selection of tomatoes with high quality. Therefore, in terms of nutritional value, taste and aroma, Ata tomato paste has a very special quality. In addition, it may be interesting for you to know that Ata tomato juice is concentrated in vacuum conditions, and due to the removal of the oxide effect, the color of this tomato paste is very pleasant and desirable.

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Benefits of using tomato paste

as you know ,Tomato paste will be obtained from several different tomato extracts, so it is considered to berich in antioxidants that can prevent the activity of free radicals in the body and prevention of aging and various diseases. In addition to being an essential spice, tomato paste is also an appetizer as well as a booster to the body's nervous system, and helps to open the arteries as well as strengthen the body's general health.


How to use tomato paste

Tomato paste is commonly used as a condiment and is used in many foods. People who suffer from allergies to tomatoes can use a little boiled water to concentrate the tomato paste and then use it. Tomato paste is able to eliminate the unpleasant taste of meat or chicken and is an Inseparable part of all kinds of stews as well as delicious soups. You can roast the tomato paste or pour it into boiling water and enjoy the taste.



Tomato paste and salt
Net weight: 4300 گرم
Brix: بدون نمک کمینه25-نمک:1.5%
نوع بسته بندی: قوطی فلزی
تاریخ مصرف: 2 سال
تعداد در هر بسته: 4 عدد در هر شیرینگ


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